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Over 80 million people all across the planet use the Korean language; this includes groups situated inside the Soviet Union, Japan and also the United States. Utilized as the main language for North and South Korea, it is the primary language used by a lot of Koreans. The vocabulary is roughly 5% loanwords; for that reason, individuals typically use English words and end up code-switching without even realizing it. Meanwhile, it's not just the Korean language that has acquired a lot of English. The language itself has also lent its words to other primary languages like for instance, the Tsushima dialect from Japan. Until now, most linguists still argue when it comes to the genealogical classification of the language.

Similar to most East Asian cultures, when it comes to writing in Korean, writers begin from the top to bottom and then right to left. Studying the best way to write in Korean is significantly simpler compared to learning other East Asian languages. The only issues that make it tricky are the two main formats for written Korean which is Hanchu and Hangul. Learning hanja as a supplement to the Korean language is fairly beneficial to comprehending certain phrases and idioms, and specially for reading Korean newspapers, since 70 to 80 percent of the articles use hanja.

Nowadays, in Korea, you'll find that you'll find about 6 principal regional dialects which are employed by folks. Each one is distinct from the other but quite similar so people understanding each other's dialects just isn't truly a major issue for Koreans; nonetheless, those from Jeju Island will have some problems. It's not really uncommon for languages in Korea to be just like each other considering that the only real boundaries are the types set by mountains and seas. When seeing Seoul, you'll notice that there is mixture of languages being employed; even so, these are so comparable that there's actually no problem about individuals understanding each other.

Because of Japan's efforts to supplant the Korean language and aspects of Korean culture, memories of Japanese annexation still recall brutal animosity and resentment, specifically among elderly Koreans. In addition to common courtesy, observing the rules specific to the Korean culture will help you become more comfortable and steer clear of embarrassment in their social settings.

Almost all of the other languages are tough to master specifically if you are learning it as your second language and Korean is no exception. You must be open and willing to immerse your self inside the culture and with the individuals by speaking, listening, reading, writing, thinking as well as dreaming in Korean. Learning can also be enhanced should you uncover a person who can help speak with you in Korean. Learning it is not only essential for daily communication in Korea, it can also provide recent arrivals with a deeper understanding of the culture and people of their new country.

There are several benefits to studying a new language, but perhaps the self-confidence and sense of fulfillment that it brings is the most essential. Do not be afraid to broaden your knowledge and learn a new language today.
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Learn To Speak Korean

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This article was published on 2010/12/05