Is Korean hard to Learn?

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Is Korean hard to Learn

So you want to learn how to speak Korean language, it's a particularly handy language to learn. Even if you want to learn Korean for travel or learn Korean for business, most people are surprised at how easy it is to learn Korean.

So why not try the free 6 part mini course to learn Korean  and see how easy it is to learn Korean.

Some of these tips could apply equally to other languages, but here we specifically focus on tips for those who want to learn how to speak Korean.

In some respects Korean might seem like a daunting language. For English speakers, or people of those languages which use the Roman alphabet, the whole issue of the Korean alphabet, and the scripts, creates the perception of a challenging language.

What you need to learn first are the Korean greetings as this will initiate conversation. You can say a simple Hi (Ann Nyong He Seyo) which can be pronounced correctly as arn-yong hah-sair-yo. Mean it when you say it, because sincerity sells. And who knows, the person you greeted might be able to help you improve your Korean language.

You must know that Koreans are very polite. Given this, you have to learn phrases such as sorry or please. This way, you will refrain from answering plain yes and no. Even if you are not used to say please all the time, it will be a great help if you start learning how Koreans speak. 

Choose a course which gives you immersion in Korean: 

You need the right course to successfully learn how to speak Korean language fast. That is why an online course is usually the best choice. Characteristics of a great course include lots of audio modules which give you access to conversational Korean and complete sentences immediately, modules which help with verbs and vocabulary, and a structure which allows you and encourages you to practice for an hour a day.

Learn how to speak Korean Online with Korean Premium, this is an interactive Korean language course, created by Sujung Lee (a native Korean speaker and language teacher from South Korea) and published by Rocket Languages (a leading language learning company).

The most important thing to learn Korean phrases are that you have to keep on doing is to PRACTICE. Don't be afraid to commit mistakes, after all lessons are best learned from mistakes. I am sure that if ever you mispronounced a word or phrase someone will correct you.


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Rocket Korean Premium is based on the standard South Korean dialect and has the hangeul writing system. So why not try the Get your Free 6 part mini course on Learning Korean and see how easy it is to learn Korean

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Is Korean hard to Learn?

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This article was published on 2010/10/29